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4Life Fortify

Meal packs for donation to support
hungry children around the world

Good Works through Good Nutrition

All over the world, parents and caregivers struggle to provide nourishing food for children to sustain a carefree and healthy life. As part of our commitment to service, 4Life offers 4Life Fortify.

Each bowl of 4Life Fortify provides:

  • A warm and nourishing meal of rice, lentils, and beans
  • A nutritional complex of vitamins and minerals*
  • 4Life Transfer Factor® 

With 4Life Fortify, you help feed children around the world who might not otherwise receive a meal for days. When a child no longer has to worry about where their next meal is coming from, they can focus on their daily chores and excelling in school. When parents can provide healthy meals for their families, they can devote their minimal resources to other needs, such as education for their children.

The Need to Fortify a Life

Under-nutrition and malnutrition are global problems, particularly for children. The World Health Organization reports that more than one third of child deaths worldwide are attributed to under nutrition, with poverty playing a chief role.1 Vitamin deficiency, a major contributor to malnutrition, is also of critical concern. Vitamin A deficiency alone affects an estimated 190 million children worldwide.2

Children at the Dona Justa Guido Memorial School in Rizal, Philippines eat 4Life Fortify every school day. At the start of the 4Life Fortify program in 2012, 158 students were considered extremely malnourished. With the help of 4Life Fortify, only eight are still in this category, and those eight children are showing signs of improvement.

Your Donation of 4Life Fortify

4Life Research offers an incentive to buy, donate, and promote 4Life Fortify meal packs. Each purchase of 4Life Fortify supports children in need around the world. Commission is included in the price of the pack and allows you to invest your time and resources to encourage others to join the 4Life legacy of service.

As a 4Life Affiliate, you earn 15 LP for your business with a monthly 4Life Fortify support and help ensure a child doesn’t go hungry.

Every time you donate 4Life Fortify, you’re involved in something much bigger than yourself—you’re taking part in a global humanitarian cause to directly impact the lives of children.

Donate now!
1 World Health Statistics, 2009.
2 WHO. “Global prevalence of vitamin A deficiency in populations at risk 1995-2005.” Geneva, World Health Organization, 2009.
3 For donation through Feed the Children.