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4Life Solidarity Race

4Life Solidarity Race
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One of 4Life’s more significant values is service, and that means doing everything that is in our hands to make this a better world. 4Life"s generosity spirit demonstrates itself in the actions organized by Foundation 4Life, this time it will be done through a Solidarity Race.

No matter where you are in the world, you can take part in this beautiful race. You just need to move, activate your routine and connect your physical activity to any supported app, in this way every little step you take will be counted.

Our goal is to walk 8600 km passing through every European country that makes part of 4Life Europe, and you may ask yourself ... why are we doing this?

Children need hope and love when they grow up under challenging circumstances.

If we together accomplish the goal of 8600 km, we will raise 11.500 Sun Points, equivalent to 11.500 euros. With this amount of light, we will be making two dreams come true for several girls and boys that need technological school material and a safe place to live and grow.


We are going to be able to help even more kids! If we reach the goal of 8600km we will start a new challenge of 20.000km to raise 2.000 Sun Points, equivalent to 2.000 euros. With this amount of Sun Points we will make the dream of a group of 40 children from one of our European Children's Villages come true, to carry out an educational and recreational activity in a summer camp.

You might be wondering how to participate, and that"s easy peasy!

  1. Register at solidarityrace.4life.com
  2. Download the app ¨Sports Net¨
  3. Sign in in the ¨Sports Net¨ app with the account you created in solidarityrace.4life.com
  4. Activate the app you will use to track your activity in ̈Activity app connections ̈. (If you don’t have an app to track your steps and trainings, we recommend you to download Apple Health if you have an IPhone, Google Fit if you have an Android and Strava if you are used to train with high intensity.)
  5. Start moving, and help us make this a better world on the go, one step at a time.