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The new Foundation 4Life campaign in Europe!

The new Foundation 4Life campaign in Europe!
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The Covid-19 sanitary crisis has tested us in many ways, and while fortunately, things are improving, the long-term effects are worrying. Many families who were already in a vulnerable situation have had their jobs reduced or even lost, and the ability to provide for their most basic needs, such as food or access to healthcare, has been seriously compromised.

For this reason, 4Life, through the Foundation 4Life in partnership with Aldeas Infantiles, wants to give the best of itself in terms of service, solidarity and social responsibility with a long-term campaign, "SOS Love Packs".

The SOS Love Pack campaign consists of financially supporting families in vulnerable situations by directly assisting their children, teenagers and young people with functional diversity to a degree equal to or greater than 65%.

Each of these children and young people, thanks to everyone's contribution, will receive a monthly SOS Love Pack equivalent to 150 euros, which will be distributed as follows:
100 Euros --> For basic needs (food, medicine, hygiene and baby supply)
30 Euros --> For education (internet access for the mantaincence of homeschooling and ICT skills learning)
20 Euros --> Emotional support (psychologists to support mental health)

By supporting these children and young people, you will also be contributing to strengthening the foundation of each of these families to come out of this crisis in a positive way.

Support the Foundation 4Life with its SOS Love Packs campaign and spread love and hope in the lives of thousands of families in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Donating through the Foundation is very easy. Remember that there are six ways to do it: